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Parliamentary Questions – 23.08.2011 Question No.0992/10

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Hon. Ravi Karunanayake – to ask the Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology – (1)

Will he state –

As to when the telecom was privatized:

Answer: 05th August 1997

The percentage of shares that were sold:

Answer: 35%

The price that the shares were sold by the government:

Answer:     US$ 225,000,000

The name of the President and the government in power at the time of the aforesaid privatization; and

Answer: President:    Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga

Government:    Podujana Eksath Peramuna

The name of the Chairman?

Answer: Mr. Hemasiri Fernando

Will he inform this House whether the shares sold as per above will be bought back by the government as they are pursuing a nationalization policy?

Answer: Government has not decided to buy the shares sold.

If not, why?

Answer:    Not applicable.

Reply to the Question No 0852/10 to be asked in Parliament by Hon. Ravi Karunanayak

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Reply to the Question No 0852/10 to be asked in Parliament by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake M.P. from the Hon. Minister of Sports on 21st July 2011
  1. (i)    Yes

(ii)    A seven year strategic plan has been prepared

(iii)    So far the Government has granted Rs.110 million

(iv)     There is no person

  1. (i)    Hambantota District around Hambantota town

(ii)    If we get the opportunity to host the event, action has been taken to prepare the

necessary costs plans

  1. (i)    Does not arise

(ii)    Australia

  1. Does not arise

Oral Questions - 23rd June 2011

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Oral Question Answers Hon Mr Ravi Karunanaya​ke

Secretary General of Parliament,Parliament of Sri Lanka,Sri Jayewardenepura , Kotte.

Queries which exoect oral answers

The answer to the query no 0762/10 in supplementary no 03 of the parliament order book dated 26.05.2011 which is raised by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake expecting an oral answer from the Hon. Minister of Disaster Management on 23.06.2011, is kindly forwarded as below.

(AI (il Disaster Management Programmes have been implemented on National, District, Divisional and Rural level through the Ministry of Disaster Management and its affiliated institutions such as Department of Meteorology, Disaster Management Centre, National Building Research Organization and

National Disaster Relief Service Centre.Ministry of Disaster Management

Establishment of Disaster Management Act No 13 0(2005.

Establishment of National council for Disaster Management under the chairmanship of H.E. the president, in relate to the above act

Amendments were done to correct the shortcomings in the Disaster Management Act No 13 of 2005.

Declared December 26th as the National Safety Day

Preparation of Disaster Management policy

Disaster MaDalement Centre

Preparation of 10 year Road Map for Disaster Management (2005-2015)

Erection of Tsunami Early warning towers in coastal belt and conduct evacuation drills to aware publico,

Implementation of disaster mitigation projects (Annexure 1-5)

Conduct public awareness programmes and training sessions on disaster management.

Long and medium terms Impact Assessment on loss and damages to the economy caused by disasters

Development of Integrated Strategic Environment and assessment

Implementation of pilot projects on climate change adaptation

Establishment of disaster Emergency Operation Centre

Incorporating Disaster Resistant construction practices in building sector

Disaster hazard zone mapping

Preparation of leaflets and videos on disaster management

Implementation of school disaster safety programmes

Strengthening disaster response capacities in local authorities

Improve the emergency response capacity

Utilize satellite data for emergency response activities (Sentinel Asia)

Appoint a steering committee as per the disaster management road maps

Recruit and absorb a permanent staff to the Disaster Management Centre.

National Building Research Organization

Prepare a proper strategy for landslide disaster mitigation

Conduct investigations on landslides and provide reports which consist recommendations to the relevant Divisional and mstrict..Secretaries

Early warning on landslides

Conduct awareness programmes about landslides

Landslide hazard zonation mapping

Initiate the first phase of integrated project for landslide mitigation

Take appropriate measures to rom the National Building Research Organization in to an authority and establish an act to streamline its work role.

Department of Meteorology

Improve the observation network for weather prediction by utilizing new technology

Obtain quick information on weather condition by establishing an automatic weather observation network

The cabin~t approval has been granted for the project on enhancing meteorological prediction capacity and necessary actions will be taken on that

Establish an advisory committee to investigate and provide national solutions for Disasters cause by lightening and thundering

Aware the Public, Academics, climate and climate changes.

Planers and farmers on meteorology,

Protect lives and properties of people by providing information on

Tsunami disaster.

Act as the legal mandating national institute for every matter pertains to meteorology and atmosphere.

Provide early warning on meteorological and thunder disasters.

National Disaster Relief Services Centre

Preparation of a formal strategy for providing relief assistance to the disaster victims

1. NDRSC circular 2007/10 dated 01.10.2007 (Annexure 06)

2. NDRSC circular 2011/01 dated 08.02.2011 (Annexure 07)

3. Treasury circular which is expected to be issued in June 2011

Relief assistance provided to the disaster victims within last 05 years are as follows.

1.Financial assistance (Annexure 8-12)

2.Material assistance (Annexure 13-17)

Provide sprinkler water system and rain water tanks to mitigate drought impacts.

Secretary to the Leader of the House Secretary to the Chief Government whip Secretary to the Parliament Secretariat


M. MOhamea.,Secretary

(v) 809 no of employees are employing in the ministry and other affiliated mstitutions.

(iv) There is no need to take any action as such situation has not been


(ill) Details are provided in A(i)

National Disaster Service Centre

Department of Meteorology

Secretary's office

Minister's office

Ministry of Disaster Management

Total (Rs.)

(ii) Estimated grants for year 2011 is Rs.1,026,420,000j

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Oral Questions Reply- 22nd June 2011

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Parliamentary Question No: 0720/2010 Reply is on 22nd Tune 2011

(a) (i) The date of signmg the Agreement with Mis. Laugfs Gas Pvt. Ltd (LG) was 06.09.2001. Subsequently an amendment to the original Agreement was signed on

(ii) The agreement states -The gove~ent of Sri Lanka is desirous of ensuring the distribution of LPG to' the general public at a competitive price in the interest of the national economy.




The Cabinet of Ministers had decided to sign the Agreement on the verbal inscructions of the Former H.E. the President.


After authorizing the Cabinet of Ministers, then Secretary to the Treasury - Mr. P.B.Jayasundera, Then Chairman of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation - Mr. Ani! J Obesekera, Laugh Gas (Pvt) Ltd signed the agreement.

(vi) Conditions to be fulfilled by Laugh Gas (Pvt) Ltd «LG): . .Submission of a Performance Guarantee of Rs. 4.5 million. .Show proof of having 60,000 cylinders before the signing of the


  • Show proof of having 120,000 cylinders w.1thin 60 days of signing of the Agreement.
  • Weekly payment for the LPG purchased from Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.
  • Sell the Domestic cylinders Rs. 100.00 below the Shell Gas selling
  • Sell the commercial cylinders Rs. 320.00 below the Shell Gas selling price.

(vii) No.

(b) (i) Yes.

LG shall not charge more than Rs. 2,000.00 for domestic ~Unders and not more than Rs. 3,000.00 for -commercial

cylinders as deposits from consumers.

Purchase' the total daily production of LPG from the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Second year, LG shall meet the additional demand by importing LPG sufficient. 20% of demand.

Third year, LG shall meet the additional demand by importing LPG sufficient to meet 30% of demand.

Laugh Gas «Pvt) Ltd shaiI only use the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation produced LPG for filling Domestic and Commercial cylinders.

(ii) Ceylon Petroleum Corporation does not have filling facilities and empty gas cylinders to commence selling of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation's produced LPG.


The production of LPG at CPC Refinery is limited to 12% of demand of the country and Ceylon Petroleum Corporation does not have import facilities to import the balance requirement of the country.

Oral Questions - 22nd June 2011

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Parliamentary Question No.O04,l/lO asked of the Hon.Prime Minister and Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs by Hon.Ravi Karunanayake., M.P.



A Committee comprising AdvISors to the President was appointed to go into the measures being adopted by the concerned Public Enterprises in !elation to the matters referred to in the report presented to Parliamelu by the Committee on Public Enterprises on January 12, 2007 and the measures that have been adopted by the rele,:'ant institutions to prevent the occurrence of any such situations in future.

The Secretaries to tile Ministries who hold responsibilities in relation to the 26 Public Enterprises referred to in the report of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Enterprises and all officials including the Heads of such Institutions were summoned by the Committee of Advisors to the President and discussions held with them and necessary instructions issued in order to promote good management and efficiency of the said Institutions.

Furthermore, the observations and recommendations sub:..nitted by the Committee of Advisors to the l:>!"esident based an representations made to the said Committee and studies made by the Commjttee on their own have been referred to the Secretaries of the Line Ministries concerned for necessary action to be initiated in terms thert"of and the implementation ~f the releva..i1t recommendations.



"lhe lines ot action adopted on the report submitted by Mr .Mayadunne, former Auditor-General are indicated at pages 23 to 26 of the report filed in reply whilst the lines of action adopted on the report PS12 are given at pages 1 to 10 thereof.

Does not arise.

The lines of action initiated in terms of the Committee report are indicated at pages 13 to 22 of the report filed in reply.

The Institutions that were subjected to investigation as per aforesaid report are given at pages 11 to 12 of the report filed in reply.

Oral Questions - 21st June 2011

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Ministry of Defence


Addl. Secretary (D II)

Ministry of Defence, on June 201




(i) Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britam and India.

(ii) 258.5 Km2 for Switzerland (two hundred and fifty eight point five square kilometers), 1336.29 Km2 for Denmark (one thousand three hundred and thirty six point two nine square kilometers), 690.59 Krn2 for Great Britain (six hundred and ninty point five nine square kilometers), and 1273.90 Km2 for India (one thousand two hundred and seventy three point nine) of lands have been entrusted. EntrUsted lands have not separated as Eastern or Northern lands.

(i) Approximately Rs.1,492,810,OOO.OO (Approximately one thousand four hundred and ninty two point eight one million)

(ii) De-mining equipments have been granted by United State of America, Chinese Governmen(, Australian Government, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR), International Organization for Migration (10M), Ministry of Economic Development and Office equipments were granted by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Approximately 65 vehicles'~fdifferent categories have been granted by United State of America, UNICEF and Ministry of Economic Development.

(iii) United State of Americ.a, Chinese Government, Australian Government, aid of UNHCR, 10M, Ministry of Economic Development and Unicef (Children's Fund of United Nations)

(iv) It is expected to complete the de-mining process in North -East by the year 2020. Not relevant.

(b) Will he also state-

(i) the cost incurred by the government of Sri Lanka for de-mining;

(ii) the amount of grants received for de-mini~g activities;

(iii) the names of the countries or private companies from which aforesaid grants

were received; and

(iv) the time duration that will be tak;en to complete the de-mining activities in the North- East area?

(c) If not, why?



Will he state-

(i) then~§JJf the countries involved in de-mining in Northern and Easter:n Jlroviilces;

(ii) the area in Square Kilometers entrusted toafores~id countries for clearing up in the Northern Province and Eastern Province separately; and

(iii) the area in Square Kilometers that have been cleared to date?


Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, -To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.


Question for oral answers-21st June 2011 -0692/'10

Ministry of Defence

Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No. 3(4).]

.26th May 2011 .

Oral Questions - 06th May 2011

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Ministry of Defence

Seventh Parliament 1st Session, Order Book No. 3(2).]

06th May 2011

Question for oral answers -10th June 2011- 0690/'10

Hon. Ravi Karunanayaket -To ask the Prime Minister and Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious




Will he state-

(i) as to when the Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd was incorporated;

(ii) the names of the shareholders and the directors of the organization;

(iii) the names of the government entities to which aforesaid company provides security service;

(iv) whether the contracts to provide security to those government entities have been offered through the proper tender procedure;

Will he also state-

(i) the rate charged per Security Officer by RaknaArakshaka Lanka Ltd;

(ii) the amount used to charge by the private sector companies that provide security services, when the change was taken over in the security service sector;

(iii) the daily and monthly payments and any other benefits entitled to a security officer of the Rakna pJakshaka Lanka Ltd;

(iv) the profit and loss account, of Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd. for the last 3 years on per


If not, why?



(i) (ii)

It was established on 23rd of October 2006.

Mr. Jayasundara Punchi Bandara (Secretary -Ministry of Finance), Mr. Fernando Waduge Palitha Piyasiri (Military Liaison Officer -Ministry of Defence), Mr. Sirisena Sunil Shantha Kumara (Secretary -Ministry of Co-operatives and Internal Trade), Mr. Wickramasingha Bataduwe Kirindage Udeni Ayodhya (Secretary - Ministry of Agrarian Services and Wild Life), Mr. Pereis Peter Mohan Maithr. (Attorney General) and Mr. Hettiarrachchi Siripala (Additional Secretary -Ministry of Defence) are the shareholders.of this company as well as Mr. Fernando Waduge Palitha Piyasiri, Mr. Wickramasingha Bataduwe Kirindage Udeni Ayodhya, Mr. Hettiarrach~h~ Siripala and Mr. Marukkudewa Mahinda Saliya are Making as the Directors

1. Ceylon Petroleum Corporation

2. Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Ltd

3. State Factory

4. Ministry of Finance (Treasury Building)

5. Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation

6. Atomic Energy Authority.

7. Independence Television Network Ltd

8. Sri Lanka Port Authority (Hambantota Port)

9. Urban Development Authority -Sethsiripaya

10. Sri Lanka Telecom PLC

11. Ministry of Trade Development

.(02 Page)

Ministry of Defence, on "1 June 201

Sgd/Gotabaya Rajapaksa RWP RSP psc


Ministry of Defence

lK.M.~. KathnaYaKe)

Addl. Secretary (D I)


Not releVaIlt.


Benefits provided c:m be stated as free Hostal Fascilities, issue a free Uniform, free night-tea ration, Insurance worth of 5 1ft (Five and half) lakhs for each under the Labour Compensation Insurance Scheme, provide Eye Glasses for a reasonable price, free Medical Check-up, free legal advices, provide Gratuity and Annual Bonus Allowances after 5 years of service, provide a Monthly Allowance of Rs. 1000.00 for the out-stationed MalelFemale Security Officers who work by residing

in Colombo provide free Welfare Family Health Services and provide up to Rs. 150,000/;= as a Death8 Fund. .


Payments of those Security Officers Vary depending on with or without weapons and shifts of 08 ~urs/ 10 hours! 12 hours.




~t1!!r _J:>ay

Rs. 450.00

~y Sec..;ty Officer

Rs. 500.00

Junior Security Officer Jwith we~~~_O8~2~)-

Rs. 600.00

Station Entrust Officer -
paily P~y

This Ministry has not owned the infonnations regarding amounts charged by those Comoanies.


Daily charges are Rs.2000/= for a Divisional Manager, Rs. 1500/= for a Station EntrtIst Officer, Rs. 1250/= for a Junior Security Officer and Rs. 1250 for a Lady Security Officer. All of them are Retired Force Officers.

12. Bank of Ceylon

13, Lanka Hospital

14. State Mortgage and Investment Bank" "

15. National Dangerous Drugs Control Board

16. Sri Lankan Air Lines (Karunayaka)

17; Ministry of Science and TeChnology

18. D.P. Global Venture (Privllte) Company

19. Road Development Authority -Highway Project Management Office at Battaramulla

20. Ministry of Disaster Management

21. Department of Inland Revenue ~ Western Province

22. National Insurance Trust Fund

23. Sustainable Energy Authority

Yes. This Institution is owned by the Government. '




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