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HAJJ FESTIVAL GREETINGS !! Message from Ravi Karunanayake

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හජ් උළෙලට රවීගෙන් සුබ පැතුම් !

front view2The object of the Hajj Festival is to emphasize the importance of sacrifice for the good of mankind and for the enhancement of true physical and mental values.It is the spirit of Hajj Festival based on the teachings of Islam that social inequities are eliminated and unity is promoted among mankind.The Muslims in large numbers congregate in the holy place of Mecca for performing Hajj and invoke blessings on the pilgrims and the world.

The prime purpose of Hajj is to earn blessings for their future and the entire world.A pure heart is the foundation of peace and harmony. Let us take advantage of the spirit and purpose of Hajj, and try to restore the peace and harmony that has moved away from us, and light a new dawn to the whole world.I fervently wish all Muslims in SL and the world who are celebrating the Festival a happy Hajj