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Govt. frying ‘papadum’ in lukewarm water – Ravi K

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front view1රජය ඇල්වතුරෙන් පපඩම් බැදලා :
UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake opening the final day of the budget debate today said that while the government accuses the UNP of privatizing state enterprises; from 1994 the present government has privatized a total of 98 government establishments in comparison to the 38 privatised under the UNP regime.  Karunanayake afterwards went on to vividly describe how the government income has decreased. To demonstrate his statement he showed two Rs.1 coins one issued earlier and another recent smaller version Rs. 1 coin. This is how the government income has reduced over the years, he said.   Karunanayake claimed that the economic development measures under the current government are like trying to fry ‘papadum’ in lukewarm water.