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Incompetence, Abstinence And Arrogance Ravi Karunanayake – UNP

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rkIndia abstaining from its vote on the US sponsored resolution passed at the UN Human Rights Council was taken by the Government more positively while the opposition, however, considered it as a defeat on the part of the Government despite the friendliness of the attempt. Speaking to The Sunday Leader, UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake expressed his views on the UN resolution that, according to the UNP, was brought upon the country by the incompetence of the Government.
What is your opinion on the UN resolution on Sri Lanka?

The resolution has come out as a result of the Government not fulfilling the promises that they had given. They asked for the resolution. It shows nothing else but the lack of implementation of required investigations and steps taken by the Government to address the issues of the people.

Q. How do you interpret India abstaining from voting?

A. India has been a close friend of the country all along. Therefore, there is a reason to be happy about India abstaining from voting rather than voting against the country like in the previous resolution. However, India’s abstaining is not a victory for the Sri Lankan Government, it is, rather, a defeat.

Q. How would the resolution affect the reconciliation process?

A. There is no way in which the resolution can affect reconciliation. There is nothing in the resolution that the Government had not mentioned to the international community.

The resolution has not imposed anything upon us except for the promises that the Government itself had given to the world. The content comprises of nothing more than the promises given by the Government to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and to the Indian Prime Minister and is based on the Darusman Report and the reports produced by the government in Geneva.

Q. The resolution calls for an international investigation to be conducted by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Will such an investigation be acceptable?

A. We would not want any international investigation to come in to the country for the first place. We would want only grants and aid into the country for the reconciliation process, but not any such resolutions. Under a UNP government, such a resolution would never have come to the country, putting pressure upon people. The incompetence, abstinence and arrogance of the Government has led to such actions and, therefore, the people should hold the Government responsible.

Q.Can a domestic process be seen as credible in the face of current allegations against the Sri Lankan Government?

A. The attempt of the international community is to know the right and wrong committed by the Government. That is up to the Government to show the credibility of the process which they have failed to deliver due to their incompetence. We need to ask the government where they have lost the credibility.