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UNP to complain against election violations

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dayanandadisanayake_ECThe UNP is scheduled to meet Election Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake to complain against violations by the ruling UPFA of election laws, our news sources said.The UNP says the government continues to flout election laws with impunity by abusing its privileged position much to the detriment of the Opposition parties including the UNP. also says all appeals to the relevant authorities including the Police to put an end to illegal practices by the government in the run-up to the March 17 LG polls have fallen on deaf ears and the Opposition is left with no alternative but to seek the Election Commissioner’s intervention to rein in the UPFA...

UNP further said that party was not happy with the manner in which the polls chief was handling the situation. He said the UPFA was misusing state property including vehicles and public sector personnel for its campaign for the March 17 elections.

And similar situation had prevailed at the previous elections as well but the Election Commissioner in spite of powers vested in him had failed to prevent the government from flouting the election laws. "We want him to enforce the law strictly or we will move the courts against him,"

A UNP delegations scheduled to meet the Elections Commissioner at the Election Secretariat at 10.00 am today.