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I will not resign- UNP Leader Ranil Wickemesinghe

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ranil1_Media_conferenceThe UNP Leader Ranil Wickemesinghe insists that he has no intention of resigning from the leadership of the UNP. In an interview with the BBC Sandeshaya on the 29th the Leader of the Opposition speaking on the announcement that the Co-Leader of the UNP Sajith Premadasa would hand over the leadership of the party to Deputy Leader Karu Jayasuriya had said he was not aware of any such announcement. He had also said that the Deputy Leader and the Secretary General of the party speak to him usually but no such matter had been mentioned. He also revealed that he had asked Mr. Jayasuriya to get everyone to accept the views of the majority. Then the BBC journalist asked Mr. Wickremesinghe whether he had agreed to hand over the leadership of the party to Mr. Jayasuriya. Mr. Wickremesinghe had responded saying it would be a fabrication. He had said that no one had told him about such a story. Speaking further Mr. Wickremesinghe had said he was unaware of the announcement made by Mr. Sajith Premadasa or the media interview made by Mr. Karu Jayasuriya. He had said he did not want to say anything about the announcement or the interview, the party has a constitution and he had not been informed regarding any such matter by the party. When the BBC journalist asked him whether he had taken a decision to resign from the party leadership Mr. Wickremesinghe had asked why he should resign as he had fulfilled everything the party had asked him to do. The interview could be listed by accessing: