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Protest-hydepark-2011-3Massive crowds take to streets for Fonseka !
The United National Party organised a protest in Colombo today urging the Government to immediately release political prisoners including Sarath Fonseka. The protest which was led by UNP and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe was also held to voice opposition to the Budget and to call for the withdrawal of the Revival of Under-Performing Enterprises and Under-Utilised Assets Act.

Groups which converged at several locations in Colombo this afternoon then marched to Hyde Park. One such protest march commenced from near the Vihara Maha Devi Park in Colombo.

Massive crowds of people attended a protest march and rally that began at Hyde Park in Colombo this afternoon (Nov. 29) to demand freedom for former Army chief Sarath Fonseka and other political prisoners and protested over several more issues.

The protest march began from near Viharamaha Devi Park under the leadership of opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The participants also shouted slogans to demand withdrawal of the expropriation act and against the government’s budget for 2012.Party leaders including Mr. Wickremesinghe, Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne, Sarath Manamendra and Dr. K. Guruparan as well as journalist Kumara Alagiyawanna, convener of the of the Movement for the Freedom of Sarath Fonseka, addressed the rally.