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Don’t create bogies, Ravi K. asks opposition

Don’t create bogies, Ravi K. asks opposition

National Secretary of the United National Party (UNP) Ravi Karunanayake has accused the opposition of creating bogies and misleading the public at a time when the country was progressing economically.

The opposition is without any programme and is opportunistic and power-hungry, he charged.

Karunanayake told journalists yesterday (23) the people would not be deceived again by these opposition conspiracies.

He said the claim by SJB’s Harsha de Silva that every property is going to be taxed is completely wrong.

De Silva is lying without knowing the truth, said Karunanayake, and asked that untruths be not spread in society to serve their political agendas.

He went onto say this particular tax has been introduced for the tax defaulters who lead luxurious lives.

What the opposition wants to do is to sow seeds of hatred among the people and sabotage the country’s progress, which is a national crime.

Karunanayake added that the expectation is to prevent another collapse of the economy due to such acts.