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Ravi K. tells JVP to present its policy & programme

Ravi K. tells JVP to present its policy & programme

UNP leader for Colombo Ravi Karunanayake has urged the JVP to place their policy and programme before the people without delay.

It is pointless the JVP keeps on lecturing about V.I. Lenin without showing any practical success, the former finance minister told the media in Colombo.

It is not easy to work for the country and the people according to a policy, objective and target, he said.

He questioned why other banks refrain from reducing interest rates despite instructions to do so coming from the Central Bank.

Karunanayake condemned attempts to gain petty political mileage by creating various phobias, with the latest being the price of carrots as if there is no other vegetable in the market.

Neither the UNP nor its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe are responsible for the country’s bankruptcy, he said, noting that everyone has committed mistakes.

A correct economic policy is needed to ensure justice for the people, he said, with the VAT a must in that direction with the consumer to be its ultimate beneficiary.

Speaking further, Karunanayake asked all public sector officials to fulfill their obligations by the country and the people.

According to him, the president raised the salaries of doctors as a solution to prevent brain drain.

The president is on the correct path to save the country from bankruptcy, he said, adding that the UNP is prepared to face any election in this year of elections.